What is the Ultimate Urban Circulator?

The Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) is a multi-phased program aimed at converting and expanding the automated people mover (Skyway) into an autonomous vehicle (AV) network. By transforming the current Skyway, extending the reach within the urban core through the Bay Street Innovation Corridor and expanding beyond into adjacent neighborhoods, U2C supports the vision of a vibrant, revitalized and better-connected Downtown Jacksonville. Find out how we're bridging destinations on both sides of the St. Johns River.

concept image of the new skyway

Current Activities

JTA continues to advance the design of the Bay Street Innovation Corridor. The federally funded project will be the initial phase of the U²C system and will introduce autonomous shuttles along a key transportation corridor in Downtown Jacksonville. The second iteration of the Transit Concepts and Alternatives Review (TCAR) planning exercise is underway and will identify alternatives for each of the proposed Skyway extensions.

U²C Phases
concept image of the new skyway

System Development

As automated driving systems developers continue to improve their systems, they validate their laboratory and track-testing with controlled testing on public roads. Now, states and companies can voluntarily submit information about automated vehicles and testing to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, as part of the AV TEST Initiative. The above link features an interactive map documenting testing and pilot programs throughout the U.S.

AV Projects in the US