Skyway Modernization Program & U2C

In January 2017, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) unveiled a vision for the future of the Automated Skyway Express (Skyway) that seeks to modernize and expand the Skyway by converting the automated people mover to an autonomous transportation network. Named the Ultimate Urban Circulator, or U2C, is not just an exciting new project, it is authority-wide initiative allowing JTA to reimagine the future of public transportation.

The U2C expands the existing automated people mover system, elevated above the downtown street network, into an urban circulator system, with transitions to the street level, reaching more destinations than it does today.

Skyway riding through downtown Jacksonville

Our preferred technological solution will be the deployment of next generation Autonomous Vehicles (AV). Not only will AVs satisfy all of the above project requirements, but they will be the most cost-effective approach for new service extensions, and are rapidly evolving in their capabilities.

Where We're Going

We are conducting a Transit Concept Alternatives Review (TCAR). This entails a structural assessment, vehicle development and specification phase. We are evaluating all of the potential extensions. 

Path Forward

In December 2017, we launched the U²C AV Test and Learn track which serves as an outdoor classroom to test and evaluate multiple vehicles and their associated technologies from the AV shuttle industry. This test track is a vital component to the development phase. It will enable the JTA to gain critical information for the development of the U²C program and other future applications of autonomous transit vehicles as part of its overall public transportation system. 

On March 27, 2018, we unveiled the Easy Mile EZ10 Gen-2 test vehicle.  It will be available for the general public to ride and provide feedback during events.