Currently, the Skyway covers 2.5 miles and 8 stations across downtown Jacksonville and into San Marco. While this infrastructure serves and excellent foundation for the U2C extension, the Skyway is outside some of Jacksonville's most exciting and vibrant destinations. But where does the U2C need to go?

Based on several community surveys, we have identified several ideal destinations that align with Downtown Development's vision for Jacksonville. The currently intended footprint of the U2C will expand that range to 22 stations, linking downtown to popular neighborhoods and allow commuters in the core to reach employment, residential, retail, medical, and educational centers. Expansion will begin along the east-west corridor, as getting to the Sports Complex and to Five Points ranked highly on the list of priorities from respondents.

To further enhance connectivity, there is a proposed new bridge near the Sports Complex, connecting the Northbank and Southbanks Riverwalk, and creating an inner loop for future U2C service and accessibility. This bridge will accommodate the autonomous vehicles, as well as support pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Additionally, our customers indicated that they want to use the Skyway more often than they do now. While more work is done to extend the system, our team will also explore options to expand hours of service and days of operation to support downtown events and businesses, as desired by the community.

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